Edukasaun Infánsia sedu ho Halimar & Aprende Téknika

Early Childhood Education with Play Based Learning Programs.


The FOKUPERS Creche is actually a creche for babies, and also an early learning facility for children up to 6 years old! There are more than 80 children attending daily and they are cared for by a staff that are trained in the delivery of play based learning activities. 

Additionally the staff run activities in rural communities and other early learning facilities. These activities are sponsored by Rotary and teach families and other teachers about the value of play in their childrens' education and learning.

The facility is made available for free to the children of women living in the shelter in Dili. It is half price for single parent families and fee based for families of working parents.

The facility is registered with the Education Department and FOKUPERS is very proud of the facility which delivers a non-violent methodology in supervision, teaching and family involvement. The staff value the opportunity they have to set an example to children in non-violent communication and conflict resolution. They know this will contribute to the organisations long term objective to eliminate gender based violence and achieve gender equality in Timor-Leste.

FOKUPERS Creche mak iha duni ida creche ba bebé sira-neʼe, no mós fasilidade aprende sedu ida ba labarik tinan 6! Iha labarik 80 resin ne ' ebé atende loron-loron no sira mak tau-matan ba hosi funsionáriu ida ne ' ebé treinadu ba prestasaun kona-ba atividade halimar ne ' ebé bazeia ba aprendizajen. 

Nune'e mós funsionáriu halai atividade sira iha komunidade rurál no fasilidade aprende sedu. Atividade hirak ne'e hetan patrosina hosi Rotary no hanorin kona-ba família no profesór sira seluk kona-ba valór sira halo iha sira-nia labarik sira nia ensinu no aprendizajen.

Fasilidade ne ' ebé mak disponivel ba gratuita ba labarik feto sira ne ' ebé moris iha hela-fatin iha Dili. Ida-neʼe mak folin metade família parente-mesak no kuota ne ' ebé bazeia ba servisu kona-ba inan-aman sira-nia família.

Fasilidade ne ' ebé rejista tiha ona ho Departamentu Edukasaun no FOKUPERS mak orgullu tebes kona-ba fasilidade sira-ne ' ebé entrega metodolojia ida-ne ' ebé la-ho-violénsia iha envolvimentu supervizaun, hanorin no família. Funsionáriu valor oportunidade ne ' ebé sira tenke hatudu ezemplu ida kona-ba labarik sira iha rezolusaun konflitu no komunikasaun la ho violénsia. Sira hatene ida-ne'e sei kontribui ba organizasaun sira tempu naruk nian objetivu atu halakon violénsia bazeia ba jéneru no atinji igualdade jéneru iha Timor-Leste.



General Public: $50 per month
+$1 per day for food

Single Mothers: $25 per month
No food charge

Women at our Shelters: Free


Públiku Jerál Folin: $50 kada fulan
+ $1 kada loron ba ai-han

Solteira: $25 kada fulan
Laiha ai-han ne'ebé kobra

Feto sira iha ita-nia uma Mahon: Livre