Statement: Accountability of Dili Municipality Education Director

Press Release: Fokupers demands the accountability of Dili Municipality Education Director for his Public Statements Which Violate the Rights of Women. 

KOMUNIKADU IMPRENSA: Fokupers ezije responsabilizasaun ba deklarasaun husi Diretór Edukasaun husi Munisípiu Díli ne’ebé viola feto nia direitu. 

On the 22nd of December, for the first time, Fokupers submitted a formal complaint to the Public Service Commission related to the declaration recorded by the Dili Municipality Education Director and distributed in Facebook social media that represents a violation of women’s rights and diminishes women’s dignity by stating that a means to stop violence against women in the schools is thorough ensuring that young girls do not dress in short and revealing clothes.

Iha loron-22 fulan-Dezembru Fokupers ba dahuluk hato’o kesar formál ba Komisaun Funsaun Públiku relasiona ho deklarasaun husi Sr. Diretór Munisipál Edukasaun Dili nian ne’ebé fó sai husi filmajen iha rede sosiál Facebook nian no ne'ebé viola feto nia direitu no hatún feto nia dignidade bainhira fó sai katak meiu atu hapara violénsia hasoru fetu iha eskola sira mak katak feto sira labele hatais roupa badak.

Fokupers believes that based on application of the fundamental rights enshrined in the Constitution of Timor-Leste and in the international human rights treaties, the declaration of the Municipal Education Director is in clear violation of the right to equality between women and men. A violation of the Constitution which is perpetrated by a State agent, as a professional formally nominated by the Public Service Commission, represents a violation of duties outlined in the Public Service Law. With this, there is the need to take measures to hold this individual accountable for his actions through disciplinary procedure; this is in addition to institutional responsibility that needs to be taken.

Fokupers fiar metin katak bazeia ba aplikasaun direitu fundamentál iha Konstituisaun RDTL nian no iha tratadu internasionál direitu umanu sira, deklarasaun husi Sr. Diretór Edukasaun Munisipál Dili nian reprezenta violasaun direitu igualdade entre feto no mane. Violasaun husi Konstituisaun ne’ebé hala’o husi ajente Estadu nian, hanesan profisionál ida ho nomeasaun formál husi Komisaun Funsaun Públiku, reprezenta violasaun devér ne’ebé estabelese ona iha Estatutu Funsaun Públika nian. Iha realidade hanesan ne’e, dalan ida-ne’ebé tenke foti mak responsabilizasaun individuál dixiplinár, aleinde responsabilizasaun institusionál.


Fokupers would like to clarify that it recognizes the capacity of schools to set rules about the use of school uniforms, and that when a student wears clothes that do not conform with these rules, such student is indeed in violation of the school’s internal regulations. However, Fokupers, as an organization established since 1997 who works to promote the rights of women, finds it offensive to women’s rights to consider that not following a dress code brings about the result that young girls are to blame if they become victims of sexual violence (including sexual harassment).

Fokupers hakarak klarifika katak Eskola sira bele duni determina katak estudante tenke uza uniforme tuir padraun eskola nian, no bainhira estudante ida la tuir regra hatais uniforme nian, nia sei viola regra eskola nian. Fokupers, nu’udar organizasaun ne’ebé promove feto nia direitu estabelese iha 1997, konsidera ofensivu ba feto nia direitu atu hatete katak violasaun husi regra uniforme rezulta katak joven feto sira mak sala bainhira sira sai vítima ba krime violénsia seksuál (inklui asédiu seksuál).


With pro bono support from JU,S Jurídico Social Consultoria Lda, Fokupers submitted the complaint to Public Service Commission as a representation of its right to petition as provided in the Constitution of the Democratic Republic of Timor-Leste. Fokupers’ position is that the Municipal Education Director in question has violated public service duties by violating the Constitution and taking actions which fail to promote human rights through the publication of statements that were made as part of his normal work duties as provided in law. Fokupers requests that a disciplinary procedure be opened against this manager. Fokupers has made legal reference and provided documents which support this position and demonstrates a clear violation of the duties of public service personnel.

Ho apoiu pro bono husi JU,S Jurídico Social Consultoria Lda, Fokupers hato’o ona kesar ba Komisaun Funsaun Públiku hanesan reprezentasaun ba ami-nia titularidade dirietu petisaun tuir estabelese iha Konstituisaun Repúblika Demokrátika Timor-Leste nian. Fokupers nia pozisaun katak Sr. Diretór Munisipál Edukasaun Dili viola devér funsaun públika nian hanesan viola Konstituisaun no la promove direitus umanus liuhusi deklarasaun ne’ebé fó sai iha públiku hanesan asaun ne’ebé hala’o nu’udar ninia funsaun ne’ebé estabelese iha lei. Fokupers husu atu loke prosesu dixiplinár hasoru dirijente ida-ne’e nian. Fokupers halo referénsia jurídiku no mós hatama dokumentu balu atu haforsa ami-nia petisaun no hatudu katak asaun refere viola duni devér husi funsaun públiku nian.


We trust that the Public Service Commission will follow its own internal procedure and will seriously consider our complaint, including by respecting the relevant legal timeframe and by providing updated information to us as the complainant, as required by the Administrative Procedure of Timor-Leste.

Ami fiar katak KFP sei hala’o tuir prosedimentu internál nian no sei konsidera kesar ida-ne’e ho sériu no sei mós respeita prazu legál no direitu husi kesar-na’in atu hetan informasaun atualizadu kona-ba prosesu ne’e nia lala’ok tuir Prosedimentu Administrativu.


The initiative taken with this complaint complements a letter sent by the Minister of Education and Culture which Fokupers signed with other organisations and individuals requesting actions from the Ministry in line with its institutional responsibility in relation to this case.

Inisiativa ida-ne’e komplementa karta ne’ebé haruka ona ba Sr. Ministru Edukasaun no Kultura, ne’ebé Fokupers mós asina, atubele lori responsabilizasaun institusionál ba problema ida-ne’e.


The Government has for some time now made in numerous declarations in Timor-Leste and before the United Nations about Timor-Leste’s commitment to protect and promote the rights of women. It is now time that civil society organizations make use of available legal mechanisms in order to eradicate stereotypes which belittle the position and rights of women and to formally demand the enforcement of the State’s duties. Fokupers hopes that this initiative will represent a small step in promoting that the State and its agents take measures that will make these public declarations become actions instead of merely words.

Governu Timor-Leste durante tempu kleur ona halo deklarasaun oinoin dala barak ona iha rai laran no iha Nasoes Unidas kona-ba Timor-Leste nia kompromisu ba protesaun no promosaun direitu feto nian. Tempu to’o ona atu organizasaun sosiedade sivíl sira uza dalan legál atubele hamate estereotipu ne’ebé hatún feto nia direitu no ezije kumprimentu ba obrigasaun Estadu nian. Fokupers espera katak ami-nia inisiativa sei reprezenta hanesan instrumentu ida atu promove Estadu no ajente públiku sira atu foti asaun ne’ebé bele lori deklarasaun polítiku sira-ne’e atu sai realidade duni.


Viva Feto Timor-Leste! Viva Estado de Direito!

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