Vitima Asisténsia Servisu Oferese Apoiu Diretu ba Feto.

Victim Assistance Services Offering Direct Support to Women.

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Victim Assistance is a key program that FOKUPERS delivers. These services work provide direct support to victims of gender-based violence, both in Dili and the wider districts in Timor-Leste. Services include legal support, shelters, trauma healing, and more. Emergency assistance is available to victims 24 hours a day. 

Vitima Asisténsia mak programa prinsipál ida ne ' ebé entrega FOKUPERS. Servisu servisu hirak ne'e fó apoiu diretu ba ema vítima ne'ebé bazeia ba jéneru violénsia, iha Dili no distritu ne'ebé luan liu iha Timor-Leste. Servisu, inklui apoiu legál, uma mahon, trauma kura no seluk tan. Asisténsia emerjénsia mak disponivel ba vítima sira durante 24 oras, loron.


Legal Support

Apoiu ne'ebe legal

FOKUPERS offers legal support to all victims, working to ensure that all women receive a just legal outcome should they wish to pursue it. The support is offered by experienced staff at FOKUPERS and includes initial consultations, guidance through the police and court system, accompaniment to court, and more. 

FOKUPERS oferese apoiu legál ba vítima hotu-hotu, ne'ebé servisu atu garante katak feto hotu-hotu simu rezultadu ida ne'ebé legál ne'ebé hanesan tenke sira hakarak atu buka nia.Apoiu ne'e oferese hosi funsionáriu sira ne'ebé esperiénsia iha FOKUPERS no inklui konsultasaun inisial, orientasaun liu hosi polísia no sistema tribunal, akompañamentu ba tribunál, no barak liu tan. 


uma mahon

Opened in Dili in 1999, FOKUPERS' shelter offers a safe place for victims to stay when leaving domestic abuse, or suffering another type of gender-based violence. The shelter has 24-hour security and dedicated staff to holistically care for all victims. Since 2013, FOKUPERS has also run the government-founded 'Uma Mahon Maria Tapo' shelter in Maliana. 

Loke iha Dili iha tinan 1999, FOKUPERS nia hela-fatin oferese fatin ida ne ' ebé seguru ba vítima sira atu hela bainhira husik abuzu uma laran, ka susar sira seluk tipu violénsia ne ' ebé bazeia ba jéneru. Ba hela-fatin iha oras 24 nia laran seguransa no pesoál ne ba holistically tau matan ba vítima sira ne ' ebé hotu-hotu. Hahú tinan 2013, FOKUPERS ona mós halai ba harii governu 'Uma Mahon Maria Tapo' hela-fatin iha Maliana.


Trauma Healing

trauma kura

FOKUPERS operates its own Trauma Healing Centre in Dili. Trauma is a serious issue for victims of gender-based violence, and can manifest in a variety of ways. It is important that trauma sufferers receive special attention, and are guided through the methods available to not only heal, but reach their full potential. 

FOKUPERS funsiona rasik Trauma Kura Sentru iha Dili. Trauma kestaun ida ne'ebé sériu ba vítima hosi violénsia ne'ebé bazeia ba jéneru, no bele pratika iha meius oin-oin. Ida ne'e importante katak trauma sufferers simu atensaun espesiál, no orientasaun liuhosi métodu sira atu la'ós de'it kura, maibé sira-nia potensiál.

Transit House

Uma Tranzitu

FOKUPERS operates a Transit House in Covalima, Suai. A Transit House provides emergency temporary accommodation for female victims of gender based violence. 

FOKUPERS funsiona Uma Tránzitu iha Covalima, Suai. Uma Tránzitu fornese uma emerjénsia temporária ba feto vítima violénsia bazeia ba jéneru.