It's a Men's Issue Too.


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FOKUPERS sat down with Natalino to talk about how gender inequality is an issue that affects men as well as women, and how all men have a role to play in achieving equality in Timor-Leste.  

We met Natalino at the Chega! museum here in Dili. We take a moment to take in the beautiful paintings in the courtyard expressing each of our human rights - healthcare, food, justice, etc. We settle in to the exhibition room and talk about what's coming up for the 16 day campaign. 

Each year between November 25 (International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women) and 10 December (Human Rights Day), 16 days of activism starts, working to raise awareness about violence against women. Organisations across the world are working to raise awareness about this issue, with a particular focus this year on minorities. 

Natalino tells us that he was excited to get the call to speak about women's equality - especially for men to get involved in the cause. 

"I think that gender equality is good for us and for our families because, as we know, many people need opportunities. If someone can get a good opportunity, it benefits not only their life, but also their family's."

Natalino explains that men can help in all sorts of ways - however small. 

"I feel that for gender equality, we must start from ourselves and also our family, and together with our sisters and brothers, we can bring it to another house. When in our house everyday, we can practice with our younger sister or younger brother. One day, they will go out, and they will show other people the way."

In addition to introducing equal behaviour in the home and having discussions as a family, Natalino also suggested that men can actively try to create a safe environment in their day-to-day lives. For example, making it easier for women and girls to be out at night. 

"Sometimes men like to disturb all the girls, and when the problem appears, they will say that the girls  are [in the] wrong because they are walking around at night. But actually no, the problem appears because of all the boys. Boys have to create safe environment so that when girls walk out in the street they feel happy and safe."

Be watching GMN TV nightly for the next two weeks to see our ads featuring Natalino. 


FOKUPERS tuur hamutuk ho Maun Natalino atu ko'alia kona-ba oinsá mak dezigualdade jéneru ne'e asuntu ida-ne ' ebé afeta mane no mós feto, no oinsá ema hotu-hotu ne ' ebé iha papél importante atu atinje igualdade iha Timor-Leste.

Ami hasoru Natalino iha Chega! muzeu iha neʼe iha Dili. Ami foti tempu hodi hare pintura furak iha didin lolon liʼur nebee hato'o kona-ba ita-nia direitus umanus - kuidadus saúde, ai-han, justisa, etc. Ami tama ba iha sala exhibisaun no ko'alia kona-ba saida mak sei mai ba kampaña loron 16.

Tinan-tinan hahu husi loron 25 fulan Novembru (Loron Internasionál ba Eliminasaun ba Violénsia Hasoru Feto) to'o 10  Dezembru (Loron Direitus Umanus), loron 16 aktivista hahú, servisu hodi hasa'e koñesimentu kona-ba violénsia hasoru feto. Organizasaun iha mundu halo servisu atu hasa'e koñesimentu kona-ba kestaun ida ne'e, ho atensaun partikulár ida-ne'e iha tinan-tinan kona-ba minoria sira.

Natalino fó-hatene katak nia kontente los hetan bolu atu koʼalia kona-ba igualdade feto nian - liu-liu ba mane sira atu hola parte iha asuntu nee.

"Hau hanoin katak igualdade jéneru ne'e di'ak ba ita no ita-nia família tanba ita hatene katak, ema barak mak presiza oportunidade. Se ema ida bele hetan oportunidade ida ne ' ebé di'ak, ida-neʼe fó benefísiu la ' ós de'it sira-nia moris, maibé mós sira-nia família nian."

Natalino esplika katak mane bele ajuda iha meius oioin  - maske ki'ik.

"Haʼu sente katak ba igualdade jéneru nian, ita tenke hahú husi ita-nia an no mós ita-nia família, no hamutuk ho ita-nia maluk no maun-alin sira, ita bele lori ba uma seluk. wainhira iha ita-nia  moris loron-loron, ita bele pratika ho ita-nia alin feto ka alin mane sira. Loron ida, sira sei sai bá liur, no sira sei hatudu ba seluk ema neʼe. "

Aleinde introdusaun kona-ba hahalok ne ' ebé hanesan iha uma laran no iha diskusaun hanesan família, Natalino mos sujere katak mane bele ativamente koko atu kria ambiente ida-ne ' ebé seguru iha sira-nia moris loron-loron. Pur ezemplu, halo fasil liu ba feto no labarik feto sira-nia liberdade atu bele sai iha kalan.

"Dala ruma ema gosta atu perturba labarik hotu-hotu, no bainhira mosu problema ne'e,  sira sei dehan katak labarik feto sira [iha nian] halo sala tanba sira laʼo sai iha kalan. Maibé tuir loloos lae, problema ne ' ebé mosu tanba labarik-mane sira. Labarik mane sira tenke kria ambiente ne ' ebé seguru bainhira feto sira laʼo iha estrada sira sente kontente no seguru."

Haree vídeo tomak ne ' ebé iha kraik.